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Covering all aspects of railways in the Second World War

The wartime railway scene has not been extensively studied by serious railway historians until fairly recently, but since the foundation of the World War Two Railway Study Group the situation has changed for the better. 

The purpose of the Group is to collect, exchange and whenever possible, to publish factual information on the operation of the railways of the combatant nations during World War Two, and similar relevant material from the years before and afterwards.

The World War Two Railway Study Group's scope
is world-wide and looking at topics such as:

  • The war's effect upon existing railways

  • New track, sidings and signalling

  • Plans (for invasion and counter-invasion)

  • Armoured trains

  • Rail-mounted guns

  • Ambulance trains

  • War locomotives

  • Purpose-built freight vehicles

  • Evacuation / movement of people and forces

  • Disposal of equipment after the war (including preservation)

  • Archaeology (what remains today)

  • Modelling wartime railways


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