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Contrast In Islands .. [AJ 92.003 Book]
Contrast In Islands
Contrast In Islands
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Sub-titled: 'The Narrow Gauge Railways of Corsica and Sardinia'.

Corsica and Sardinia sit, one above the other, in the Tyrrhenian Sea west of Italy and south of the French mainland. The islands themselves are worth a visit at any time for their scenery and wild charm; as a bonus, in both islands narrow gauge railways still flourish and are becoming increasingly popular both for tourists and railway enthusiasts. The Corsican railways have an excellent rover ticket (Carte Zoom) and the Sardinian authorities have encouraged the `Treno Verde` (Green Train) concept with seasonal trips and charters for which they have restored no less than six steam locomotives and appropriate period stock.

Running through some of the most spectacular European scenery outside Switzerland, these two systems have many things in common - climate, scenery, continuing purpose -but also a surprising number of differences that arise because of their differing ownership (Italian and French). This book, the first detailed study of both islands in English for over thirty years, explores and compares the history and the geography of their narrow gauge railways. It relates the stories of the companies that built them and their successors; the routes and the terrain they run through; the many spectacular engineering works; the ways in which both are meeting the challenges of running narrow gauge railways commercially in the 2lst century. It includes details of the locomotives, railcars and rolling stock from opening to the present day, and lists the motive power and the stations of both surviving and closed lines.

PART 1 - General History
- Inception and early days
- 1925-45
- Post war to the present day
- Geography and routes of Corsica
- Geography and routes of Sardinia
PART 2 - Technical History
- Locomotives and tractors
- Railmotors
- Passenger rolling stock
- Goods and service stock
- Infrastructures, buildings and layouts
- Descriptions of important stations
PART 3 - Appendices
- Hatches, matches and despatches
- Route statistics
- Comparative dimensions of locomotives and stock
- Industrial railways in Sardinia
- Scale drawings of locomotives and stock
- A note on Cagliari tramways
Maps & Plans:
- Island finder index
- Maps and plans in text
- The islands of Corsica and Sardinia in their setting
- General map of Corsica
- General map of Sardinia
Railway routes:
- Northern Corsica - Bastia & the Calvi branch
- Corsica: the central line to Ajaccio
- Corsica: the Vivario horseshoe
- Corsica: the east coast line
- Sardinia: Cagliari - Mandas
- Sardinia: Arbatax and Sorgono branches
- Sardinia: convolutions around Seui
- Sardinia: Gairo and Lanusei
- Sardinia: the central system from Macomer
- Sardinia: northern lines from Sassari and the Monti branch
- Sardinia: Bortigiadas and Tempio
- Sardinia: Chilivani - Tirso
- Sardinia: original FCS system to Villacidro and Ales
- Sardinia: FMS from Iglesias and the Monteponi Rly
- Cagliari and Sassari tramway routes
Detailed layouts:
- Standard intermediate stations and halts
- Examples of major termini: Bastia, Macomer
- Examples of branch termini: Calvi, Sorgono, Nuoro
- Examples of junctions: Ponte Leccia, Tirso, Mandas
- Examples of downgraded termini: Ajaccio, Palau, Arbatax

W J K Davies
Hardback. 17.4cm x 23.5cm. 272 Pages
170 B&W, 47 Colour Photographs, plus numerous maps, layouts and drawings


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