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SR & Constituents

Branch Line to Padstow  ..£18.95
Branch Line to Padstow .. [AP 51.087 Book] 
The route from Halwill passed through windswept, thinly-populated countryside of great charm and ended with impressive waterside vistas. ...

Branch Lines to Exmouth  ..£18.95
Branch Lines to Exmouth .. [AO 51.095 Book] 
The LSWR Exeter-Exmouth branch was the first in south-east Devon and is now the only one to survive. ...

Wimbledon to Beckenham before Tramlink  .. £18.95
Wimbledon to Beckenham before Tramlink ..  [AW 51.119 Book] 
This volume acts as a Tramlink traveller's companion and takes the reader along the new route, but looks ...

Tavistock to Plymouth  ..£18.95
Tavistock to Plymouth .. [AU 51.130 Book] 
Sub-Titled: including the Callington branch

This album completes the final scenic part of the long journey from Waterloo ...

Guildford to Redhill   ..£18.95
Guildford to Redhill .. [AT 51.061 Book] 
This South Eastern Railway branch was an intrusion into the territories of two other railway companies and thus ...

Crawley to Littlehampton   ..£18.95
Crawley to Littlehampton .. [AR 51.063 Book] 
In bygone years the Mid-Sussex Line was noted for its rich variety of elegant locomotives passing through superb ...

Branch Lines to Seaton & Sidmouth  ..£18.95
Branch Lines to Seaton & Sidmouth .. [AP 51.089 Book] 
Although serving contrasting holidays resorts, the two branches had many unique and charming features. The varied rolling stock ...

Bournemouth to Evercreech Junction  ..£18.95
Bournemouth to Evercreech Junction .. [AN 51.254 Book] 
This beautiful and interesting length of rural railway has always been relegated to a small section in books ...

Isle of Wight Lines  ..£18.95
Isle of Wight Lines .. [AL 51.270 Book] 
Sub-titled: 50 years of change

All 35 Island stations that were open in the steam era are illustrated herein, ...

The Isle of Wight Central Railway  ..£22.50
The Isle of Wight Central Railway .. [AK 42.057 Book] 
This book tells the story of the Islandıs largest pre-Grouping railway company. The Isle of Wight Central Railway ...

Lines Around Wimbledon  £18.95
Lines Around Wimbledon  [AH 51.272 Book] 
Wimbledon is regarded as the second most important railway junction in south-west London, Clapham Junction being the first, ...

Ashford to Dover  ..£18.95
Ashford to Dover .. [AH 51.255 Book] 
This historic railway has been the greatest single factor in the development of the towns it serves. Ashford's ...

Fareham to Salisbury via Eastleigh  ..£18.95
Fareham to Salisbury via Eastleigh .. [AH 51.269 Book] 
Sub-titled: including the Bishops Waltham branch

Originally branches from the London & Southampton Railway, the route is a true ...

Waterloo and City Railway  ..£35.00
Waterloo and City Railway .. [DD 42.043 Book]  
The Waterloo & City line is only one and a half miles long, but for 100 years it ...

Branch Lines to East Grinstead  ..£18.95
Branch Lines to East Grinstead .. [AO 51.090 Book] 
Sub-Titled: from Oxted, Three Bridges, Tunbridge Wells and Lewes

The four branch lines, from each point of the ...

Charing Cross to Orpington  ..£18.95
Charing Cross to Orpington .. [AC 51.173 Book] 
Sub-Titled: including the Bromley North branch

The complex evolution of three London termini is revealed and the development ...

London Bridge to East Croydon  ..£18.95
London Bridge to East Croydon .. [AC 51.176 Book] 
One of the oldest railway routes in London, this line has seen all forms of traction from atmospheric, ...

Chichester to Portsmouth  £18.95
Chichester to Portsmouth  [AF 51.169] 
This line was the first railway route to Portsmouth and has had a fascinating past. The various ...

Worthing to Chichester  £18.95
Worthing to Chichester  [AF 51.172] 
The wharves of Littlehampton and the day-trippers specials are just some of the subjects pictured amongst the everyday ...

Haywards Heath to Seaford   £18.95
Haywards Heath to Seaford  [AC 51.174] 
Sub-Titled: including the Horsted Keynes branch In its latter years the route from Horsted Keynes to Seaford was ...

Branch Lines to Torrington  ..£18.95
Branch Lines to Torrington .. [AN 51.107 Book] 
Sub-Titled: from Barnstaple to Halwill Junction

Once the end of the LSWR main line, the route from Barnstaple ...

Branch Lines to Horsham  ..£18.95
Branch Lines to Horsham .. [AN 51.096 Book] 
Sub-Titled: from Guildford and Shoreham

Although surrounded by electrified main lines, the branches retained their rural character ...

East London Line  ..£18.95
East London Line .. [AN 51.003 Book] 
Sub-Titled: New Cross to Liverpool Street

Seldom mentioned in the railway press, this railway backwater has a fascinating ...

Swanley to Ashford  ..£18.95
Swanley to Ashford .. [AD 51.153 Book] 
Sub-Titled: including Bat & Ball and Sevenoaks

Initially part of the London Chatham & Dover Railway, the line has ...

Eastbourne to Hastings   ..£18.95
Eastbourne to Hastings .. [AD 51.047 Book] 
Amongst Eastbourne's lesser known railways illustrated are those to the gas works and the Crumbles. The miniature electric ...

Waterloo to Windsor  ..£18.95
Waterloo to Windsor .. [AB 51.157 Book] 
Sub-Titled: via Richmond

For nearly 150 years, the route has served the developing residential areas west of London ...

Victoria to Bromley South  ..£18.95
Victoria to Bromley South .. [AB 51.160 Book] 
Built as the London, Chatham & Dover Railway's main line to London, this route still retains much evidence ...

Waterloo to Woking   ..£18.95
Waterloo to Woking .. [AB 51.159 Book] 
For over a century and a half, this fascinating route has been steadily developed and improved. The many ...

Strood to Paddock Wood  ..£18.95
Strood to Paddock Wood .. [NF 51.155 Book] 
For long a railway byway of charm, the line follows the Medway Valley for most of its route, ...

Branch Lines around Gosport£18.95
Branch Lines around Gosport [EX 51.319] 
Subtitled: Including Lee-on-the-Solent and Stokes Bay branches

Originally the station for Portsmouth, the terminus at Gosport was erected on ...

Branch Lines of Midhurst£18.95
Branch Lines of Midhurst [EA 51.327] 
Subtitled: The Later Years - the trilogy completed

The three routes to Midhurst were widely admired for their rural ...

Hastings to Ashford£18.95
Hastings to Ashford [FM 51.367] 
Subtitled: Including the New Romney and Dungeness branches

The changing roll of the line over the years has been ...

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