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LNER & Constituents

Branch Lines Around Wisbech  ..£18.95
Branch Lines Around Wisbech .. [AM 51.023 Book] 
This album is not just a story of straight rails across a flat landscape. It captures the sights, ...

Ely to Norwich  £18.95
Ely to Norwich  [AL 51.274 Book] 
Some long forgotten junctions and several closed stations feature in this volume. Other items of special interest are ...

Goods Traffic of the LNER  ..£15.95
Goods Traffic of the LNER .. [AL 112.024 Book] 
The LNER was well known for its express passenger services, but also carried a prodigious amount of freight ...

Branch Lines to Felixstowe and Aldeburgh  ..£18.95
Branch Lines to Felixstowe and Aldeburgh .. [AJ 51.267 Book] 
Sub-titled: including the Snape branch

The three branches had great charm and are shown in detail in the unhurried ...

Marylebone to Rickmansworth  ..£18.95
Marylebone to Rickmansworth .. [AG 51.288 Book] 
Sub-titled: including the Watford Branch

The Southern part of the final main line between London and the Midlands was ...

Liverpool Street to Ilford  ..£18.95
Liverpool Street to Ilford .. [AG 51.279 Book] 
The complex development of the London termini of the route, together with their many associated goods depots, is ...

Liverpool Street to Chingford  ..£18.95
Liverpool Street to Chingford .. [AE 51.278 Book] 
This album gives a fascinating insight into the complexities of these inner London lines, particularly in the steam ...

Branch Lines Around Cromer  ..£18.95
Branch Lines Around Cromer .. [AE 51.002 Book] 
The first part of this album illustrates the former M&GNR route from Melton Constable to Cromer Beach and ...

Ely to Kings Lynn  ..£18.95
Ely to Kings Lynn .. [AD 51.273 Book] 
Sub-titled: including the Stoke Ferry branch

Once part of the Great Eastern Railway (GER), this important line has been ...

Haddington, Macmerry & Gifford Branch Lines  ..£17.99
Haddington, Macmerry & Gifford Branch Lines .. [AJ 42.055 Book] 
The three railway branch lines which served the landward areas of East Lothian were an unusual trio and ...

Axholme Joint Railway  ..£18.50
Axholme Joint Railway .. [AJ 42.048 Book] 

A fascinating railway running ...

Lynn and Dereham Railway ..£18.95
Lynn and Dereham Railway .. [AH 42.059 Book] 
This line linked Kings Lynn, Swaffham and Dereham. Here it joined the Norfolk Railway's Wymondham-Fakenham line to give ...

Railways of Newark on Trent  ..£19.45
Railways of Newark on Trent .. [AG 42.064 Book] 
In 1852, the Great Northern Railway, opening an important section of its main line between London and Doncaster, ...

Branch Line to Upwell  ..£18.95
Branch Line to Upwell .. [AD 51.004 Book] 
Remembered with affection by local people, the Wisbech & Upwell Tramway followed the course of the Wisbech Canal ...

Saxmundham to Yarmouth  ..£18.95
Saxmundham to Yarmouth .. [AC 51.286 Book] 
Former Great eastern Railway (GER) steam locomotives and rolling stock of all eras are illustrated in this volume. ...

Branch Lines Around March  ..£16.75
Branch Lines Around March .. [AC 51.015 Book] 
Sub-Titled: from Ely, St. Ives, Ramsey East, Peterborough, Murrow and Wisbech

Local agricultural traffic was the life blood ...

Hitchin to Peterborough  ..£18.95
Hitchin to Peterborough .. [AC 51.011 Book] 
Sub-Titled: including the Ramsey North branch

This historic railway artery of the GNR has carried a vast variety ...

Branch Lines of East London  ..£18.95
Branch Lines of East London .. [AB 51.113 Book] 
The historic route to Blackwall, which has become relegated to a branch line, is the first to be ...

Branch Lines Around North Woolwich  ..£18.95
Branch Lines Around North Woolwich .. [AB 51.029 Book] 
Sub-Titled: from Victoria Park to Beckton and Gallions

Built mainly to serve the Eastern Docklands, the lines have ...

Rugby to Loughborough£18.95
Rugby to Loughborough [MM 51.414] 
The fortunes of the Rugby to Loughborough section of the Great Central Railway's London Extension could not provide ...

Branch Lines to Bartlow£18.95
Branch Lines to Bartlow [BP 51.309] 
Subtitled: From the Colne Valley, Shelford and Audley End

The rural lines of northwest Essex were peaceful backwaters of ...

Branch Lines to Clacton and Walton £18.95
Branch Lines to Clacton and Walton  [HY 51.310] 
Subtitled: Including Brightlingsea

The residential coastal area has also attracted holiday makers and thus a comprehensive passenger service ...

Branch Lines East of Norwich£18.95
Branch Lines East of Norwich [HD 51.317] 
Subtitled: The Wherry Lines

The fascinating changes on these interesting routes are fully illustrated and you can travel via ...

Branch Lines to Enfield Town and Palace Gates£18.95
Branch Lines to Enfield Town and Palace Gates [FV 51.318] 
These suburban byways evolved from rural lines and were subjected to periods of improvement and decline as traffic ...

Branch Lines to Harwich and Hadleigh£18.95
Branch Lines to Harwich and Hadleigh [DO 51.320] 
The stations and traffic patterns at Harwich have been subject of constant change and thus the sequence of ...

Branch Lines around Hertford and Hatfield£18.95
Branch Lines around Hertford and Hatfield [DI 51.323] 
Subtitled: To Broxbourne, St. Albans and Buntingford

The evolution of the present electrified branch to Hertford East through the ...

Branch Line to Dunstable£18.95
Branch Line to Dunstable [BV 51.316] 
Subtitled: From Leighton Buzzard to Hatfield

The branches formed part of a cross country route, which served both agriculture ...

Branch Lines around Lowestoft£18.95
Branch Lines around Lowestoft [CJ 51.325] 
Subtitled: From Yarmouth and Beccles

The coastal route from Yarmouth and the inland line from Beccles had contrasting origins ...

Branch Line to Ongar£18.95
Branch Line to Ongar [GR 51.329] 
Subtitled: Including the Hainault Loop

For a long time just rustic byways, the lines of the area increased in ...

Branch Lines to Southend and Southminster£18.95
Branch Lines to Southend and Southminster [DB 51.334] 
The branches are not generally on the tourist itinerary, although they traverse green and pleasant land. The double ...

Branch Lines around Spalding£18.95
Branch Lines around Spalding [KF 51.465] 
Subtitled: M&GN Saxby to Long Sutton

The author lived and worked on the route and thus gives us an ...

Branch Lines to Sudbury£18.95
Branch Lines to Sudbury [FG 51.337] 
Subtitled: From Marks Tey, Haverhill and Bury St. Edmunds

The three routes ran through productive agricultural countryside, which generated ...

Branch Lines around Witham and Kelvedon£16.75
Branch Lines around Witham and Kelvedon [DR 51.340] 
Subtitled: Bishops Stortford Maldon Tollesbury

We journey across undulating Essex countryside first from Bishops Stortford to Braintree and then ...

Branch Lines around Wroxham£18.95
Branch Lines around Wroxham [EW 51.341] 
Subtitled: Norwich to North Walsham and the Bure Valley eastwards

We journey from Norwich Thorpe northwards first and then ...

Aylesbury to Rugby£18.95
Aylesbury to Rugby [BW 51.404] 
Subtitled: Including Brill and Verney Junction

Forming part of the last main line between the Midlands and London, this ...

Rickmansworth to Aylesbury£18.95
Rickmansworth to Aylesbury [CX 51.405] 
Subtitled: Including the Chesham Branch

The last main line from the Midlands to London made use of this route, ...

Hexham to Hawick£18.95
Hexham to Hawick [FR 51.419] 
Subtitled: The Border Counties Railway

Completed by the North British Railway as a territorial excursion into England, the Border ...

Broxbourne to Cambridge£18.95
Broxbourne to Cambridge [HR 51.429] 
Subtitled: Including the Thaxted Branch

There was a good variety of goods yards and a staggering number of staggered ...

Cambridge to Ely£18.95
Cambridge to Ely [JS 51.430] 
Subtitled: Including St. Ives to Ely

The wide variety of trains on the main line over the years is ...

Darlington - Leamside - Newcastle£18.95
Darlington - Leamside - Newcastle [KT 51.431] 
The original route of the East Coast Main Line between Darlington and Newcastle was via Leamside. There are ...

Darlington to Newcastle£18.95
Darlington to Newcastle [LU 51.432] 
Subtitled: Via Durham

This section of the East Coast Main Line abounds with railway interest. There was a vast ...

Hexham to Carlisle£18.95
Hexham to Carlisle [BW 51.433] 
Subtitled: Including the Alston and Brampton Branches

This very historic route runs close to Hadrian's Wall and thus traverses ...

Kings Cross to Potters Bar£18.95
Kings Cross to Potters Bar [CX 51.434] 
An icon of the railway world, Kings Cross is examined in detail through the ages, as are the ...

Potters Bar to Cambridge£18.95
Potters Bar to Cambridge [EZ 51.436] 
The historic main line between Potters Bar and Hitchin has seen many changes of traction, architecture and track ...

Shenfield to Ipswich£18.95
Shenfield to Ipswich [GA 51.437] 
This historic main line has undergone many station improvements and changes of rolling stock. They are all illustrated ...

York to Scarborough£18.95
York to Scarborough [HB 51.438] 
The remarkable developments at York are detailed before we examine the 12 long-closed stations on the route. The ...

Consett to South Shields£18.95
Consett to South Shields [JL 51.446] 
Subtitled: Via Beamish

The Consett to South Shields line was built in 1834 as a coal railway. Even when ...

Hertford Loop£18.95
Hertford Loop [DP 51.449] 
Subtitled: From the suburbs to the country

The Enfield branch was extended north to form the Hertford Loop and ...

Melton Constable to Yarmouth Beach£18.95
Melton Constable to Yarmouth Beach [FR 51.451] 
Being part of the Midland & Great Northern Joint Railway for many years, this route had many unusual ...

Peterborough to Kings Lynn£18.95
Peterborough to Kings Lynn [JU 51.454] 
Subtitled: Part of the M&GN

This long forgotten rural route had few passenger trains, but carried much local produce. ...

South Lynn to Norwich City£18.95
South Lynn to Norwich City [KV 51.455] 
Subtitled: Via Melton Constable

This route provided an alternative access from the west of the county to Norfolk's main ...

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