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Railways World-Wide

Southern Alpine Narrow Gauge£18.95
Southern Alpine Narrow Gauge [LT 51.361] 
Subtitled: Montreux to Tirano

A journey by narrow gauge railways across the Alpine chain of mountains is featured in ...

South African Two-foot Gauge£18.95
South African Two-foot Gauge [KC 51.360] 
Subtitled: Featuring the Garratts

Seen in the often spectacular scenery are some very lengthy freight trains often hauled by ...

Romania & Bulgaria Narrow Gauge£18.95
Romania & Bulgaria Narrow Gauge [JS 51.359] 
Due to their location behind the Iron Curtain, Romania and Bulgaria were among the most unapproachable countries of ...

Darjeeling Revisited£18.95
Darjeeling Revisited [HF 51.348] 
Subtitled: A journey on the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway

Herein is a journey over this remarkable line as may be ...

Portugal Narrow Gauge£18.95
Portugal Narrow Gauge [HE 51.358] 
Subtitled: From Porto to Pomerao

Until the final decade of the 20th Century, Portugal boasted one of the most ...

Northern Alpine Narrow Gauge£18.95
Northern Alpine Narrow Gauge [GM 51.357] 
Subtitled: Interlaken to Puchberg

A journey from Central Switzerland to the eastern extremity of the Alps in Austria, whilst ...

Cyprus Narrow Gauge£18.95
Cyprus Narrow Gauge [GK 51.347] 
The author found himself on the island just prior to the system´s closure and his comprehensive visual record ...

Italy Narrow Gauge£18.95
Italy Narrow Gauge [EL 51.355] 
Subtitled: The Dolomites to Calabria

In common with the rest of the European mainland, Italy was once rich in ...

West German Narrow Gauge£18.95
West German Narrow Gauge [ED 51.366] 
Featuring the many and varied metre gauge and 75cm lines, this album contains sections on railways in Bremen ...

Eastern Spain Narrow Gauge£18.95
Eastern Spain Narrow Gauge [DF 51.344] 
Subtitled: From Gerona to Málaga

The Eastern coast of Spain, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, was once the location of ...

Vivarais Revisited£18.95
Vivarais Revisited [CW 51.364] 
Subtitled: Ardèche and Haute-Loire regions

The metre gauge Vivarais and Lozère railways were justifiably renowned as among the finest ...

Greece Narrow Gauge£18.95
Greece Narrow Gauge [CT 51.353] 
Subtitled: Featuring the Thessaly and the Peloponnese systems

This publication portrays the narrow gauge railways of Greece with the ...

Northern Spain Narrow Gauge£18.95
Northern Spain Narrow Gauge [CK 51.343] 
Subtitled: Irún to El Ferrol

Between 1896 and 1972 an extensive metre gauge railway network was constructed to serve ...

Eritrean Narrow Gauge£18.95
Eritrean Narrow Gauge [BV 51.352] 
Subtitled: An Amazing Reinstatement

Considering the terrain with its attendant civil engineering problems, it seems an incredible feat that ...

Central and Southern Spain Narrow Gauge£18.95
Central and Southern Spain Narrow Gauge [BL 51.342] 
Subtitled: Castile to Huelva

From the windswept plains of Castile to the barren industrial wastelands of Huelva, the central ...

Austrian Narrow Gauge  ..£18.95
Austrian Narrow Gauge .. [AU 51.261 Book] 
Sub-titled: featuring Steam in the Alps

A fascinating variety of locomotives of very varying ages are illustrated, often in ...

Saxony Narrow Gauge  ..£18.95
Saxony Narrow Gauge .. [AR 51.283 Book] 
Sub-titled: featuring the extensive 75cm, 60cm and 38cm lines

The Saxon State Railways constructed a network of 75cm lines ...

North East German Narrow Gauge  ..£18.95
North East German Narrow Gauge .. [AR 51.282 Book] 
Sub-titled: Harz Mountains and Baltic Region

The old established lines have only become popular attractions in recent years, with ...

Contrast In Islands  ..£22.95
Contrast In Islands .. [AJ 92.003 Book] 
Sub-titled: 'The Narrow Gauge Railways of Corsica and Sardinia'.

Corsica and Sardinia sit, one above the other, in the ...

Indian Narrow Gauge Remembered  ..£29.95
Indian Narrow Gauge Remembered .. [AH 92.007 Book] 
Following his extensive travels in Spain in search of steam locomotives, author Lawrence Marshall turned his attention to ...

Railways Of The Andes  ..£21.95
Railways Of The Andes .. [AF 92.010 Book] 
RAILWAYS OF THE ANDES was the first major English-language survey of the planning, construct-ion and operation of the ...

Rails Through Majorca  ..£21.95
Rails Through Majorca .. [AD 129.001 Book] 
Majorca can be truly described as a 'narrow gauge paradise'. As in its British equivalent, the Isle of ...

Swiss Narrow Gauge   ..£18.95
Swiss Narrow Gauge .. [AB 51.178 Book] 
Sub-Titled: featuring steam in the Alps

This album follows John Organ's popular volumes on France and features a ...

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